A Willcox Matthews Success Story!

Willcox Matthews – Celebrating our successes!

We at Willcox Matthews have recently commenced month 4 in trading and what a whirlwind it has been to date. Being in recruitment, we’re in a profession with many ups and downs, peaks and troughs. What motivates us here though day in day out, is that real sense of achievement to place people in their dream role as well as meeting a client’s exact needs.

As a new business, there is an unwritten rule that you have to celebrate all of your successes no matter how small or large, well that’s our motto anyway! 4 months in and we are grateful to have had many successes. There is a recent one, however, that we’re really proud to shout about.

We have quite a unique success story with Simon Hirst, whom we have had a strong relationship with now for a number of years:

“As Operations Manager at Daniels Healthcare, I worked with the three directors when they worked for their previous employer, for all our operational recruitment needs.

They were always professional, punctual and courteous and always provided a good level of candidate as we worked together as a partnership over the years and knew what both sides of the relationship needed.

Now that they have started their new venture together I am sure that they will continue to work hard to meet their client’s needs.

I also know their ability from personal experience when I recently was looking for a new role, they quickly found a suitable option for me and worked with me to obtain the role and desired package in a quick and efficient manner, to the satisfaction of both myself and my new employer.

I can thoroughly recommend them for any recruitment needs and also for those seeking a new role.


IMM Area Sales Manager”

We all wish Simon the very best in his new start and Willcox Matthews hope to continue to build on our successes into 2019 and beyond.

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