Process Technician – Days role

Job Reference: WM1766

Location: Berkshire

Salary: £30,000-£36,000

Job Type: Permanent

Job Description

Relevant Job Titles:

Senior Process Technician, Process Technician, Setter Supervisor, Moulding Engineer, Process Engineer, Senior Moulding Technician, Mould Tech, Setter

Job purpose:

  • The purpose of the role of Process Technician is to take overall responsibility for the production of mould shop and ducting.
  • To facilitate, plan & coordinate Lean Initiatives & problem-solving activities to drive continuous improvements in, safety, quality, productivity, inventory and profit.
  • To discuss and agree daily priorities with members of Support Departments (Purchasing, Materials, Despatch, and Quality) and work collectively to ship products to our internal and external customers by the required ship date.
  • To develop the staff to work efficiently and effectively in a safe and repeatable manner to meet the daily shipment schedule.

 Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate department to achieve safety, quality, productivity, inventory and delivery targets, to include stocktake and Total Preventative Maintenance.
  • Develop and manage the Team Leaders who will then coordinate all the activities and staff requirements for the dedicated processes within the mould shop and ducting department.
  • Improve flow of materials and information, which decrease inventory and work in progress.
  • Identify and resolve quality issues using root cause analysis and employee engagement techniques.
  • Drive and prioritise the activities to drive continuous improvements
  • Ensure that all employees are actively involved in PDCA continuous improvement activities as part of their daily work performance.
  • Drive implementation and standardisation of lean fundamentals (5S & Safety, visual management, standard work set up, TPM & Quick set-up).
  • Work with the team to produce current & future state value stream maps every 90 days and to recommend, develop, and drive action plans to implement the future state, which will ultimately reduce internal lead-times.
  • Ensure improvement activities are focussed on the priority areas determined by Productivity, Value Stream Mapping, and/or Factory Layouts to drive site improvements in the five key measures. (Health & safety, quality, productivity, customer service & inventory).
  • Assist with all New Product Integration.
  • Ensure all staff are properly trained to the standard operating procedures and are competent to perform their duties to both quality and time standards. To ensure deputies are also in place and are adequately trained and aware of the priorities.
  • Implement, sustain, and audit standard work for the value stream and the managers/ team leaders.
  • To coordinate and manage lean initiatives that will have a positive impact on product quality, customer delivery, customer overdue, staff productivity, staff safety and work place environment.
  • Record and track holidays, absence issues, and other disciplinary issues that are not in compliance with company policy or procedures and where required discuss with Team Leaders and staff corrective actions.
  • Assist in the recruitment and training of new staff to meet the necessary customer demand schedule.

 Key Accountabilities:

  • Understand business strategy to support the delivery of the operations business plan
  • Utilize lean tools to support continuous improvement in what we do and how we do it
  • Assist with the development of the production cell with a focus on productivity
  • Facilitate and improve employee engagement, appraisal and development to improve engagement levels
  • Define the specification and approval of plant equipment service contracts
  • Conducts annual appraisal for team leader positions
  • Generation of annual metrics to drive continuous improvement ideas and opportunities

 Key Competencies:

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to include the ability to influence and persuade at all levels within the organisation; to build trust and confidence; and establish credibility.
  • Ability to accurately assess key business metrics and situations and provide action plan recommendations.
  • Professional, flexible, highly motivated, and open leadership style.
  • Excellent communication skills to lead and support empowering employees in a team environment.