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January Blues & How to Prevent Them

January blues are something that affect everyone, we want to offer advise on how to prevent them!

You could be at your dream role, at your dream location, with no uniform to wear and you still wouldn’t like going back to work after the Christmas break.

January is one of those months that is renowned for making you feel blue. The nights are still dark, the fairy lights have all been taken down and there’s little money to spare.

Annoyingly you also have those special motivated people who are spouting that they have all these goals they are going to achieve; the weight they are going to lose, the money they are going to save and the places they are going to visit. This could push you to feeling further down.

We have some tips here to keep you boosted through January and start your year feeling more optimistic!

  • Do what feels right to you at your own pace
    Don’t feel pressured into thinking you need to have all these goals / resolutions planned out. January is just another month; it doesn’t have to come with all these expectations to be a ‘New You’. So long as you get through the month healthy and happy, that’s a success!
  • Do things you love
    Whether it’s going for long walks with the pooch, binge watching your favourite TV series or finishing off the hoard of Christmas food. Christmas is usually aimed at thinking of others and doing things for everyone, whereas in January you should focus on getting back to thinking of you, what you want and what you need.
  • Control what you can
    You may feel overwhelmed after the Christmas break, so in order regain your equilibrium focus on small things that you can control. Go week by week, make meal plans so making your dinner isn’t a huge obstacle, leave your weekends open so you can do what feels right at the time.
  • Freshen up your diet
    Not necessarily ‘go on a diet’ but get in some fruit and vegetables after the holidays, which I’m sure were full of chocolate and overeating. Feeling bogged down with all that excess weight / food will get you down. Changing up your diet to be lighter will surprise you by how much of a difference it can make you feel.
  • Don’t cut out foods though
    Cutting out food groups completely will make January worse. Just lessen the intake, everything in proportion. Enjoying a chocolate bar on a Friday night will help a lot more than hinder you.

January will still be a hard month to get through, whether it’s the post-Christmas blues or the fact that summer is still so far away. Taking baby steps to help you get through the month will lessen the ‘down feeling’. We hope these pointers have helped!

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