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How to Enjoy Your Job Better

Understandably not everyone loves going to work, and unfortunately not everyone can quit and instantly find their dream role. With a report from 2020 stated that over 60% of the people surveyed were unhappy in their jobs, we decided we would think of some tips that could help the people who are struggling enjoy their daily grind.

On average most people spend 1/3 of their life at work, which can be up to 90,000 hours over a lifetime – that’s a very long time to be unhappy.

The team have done a bit of research, and below are the most likely ways for someone to help feel more positive about their workplace, their job role, and their colleagues.


  1. Focus on what you Do like about your job

Find an aspect of your role that you enjoy and see if you can work this into your daily schedule. If you have a boss or colleague that you enjoy working with, make a point to speak with them every day. Even if you can mention to them that you are struggling and see if they can keep you boosted.


  1. Organize your workspace

Clean up and organise your workspace, including your computer (if used). Working amongst chaos will increase your chances of being unorganised, feeling claustrophobic and less inclined to concentrate on your work. Being able to be in a clear space will help you focus more and feel less confined.

Although some may enjoy the chaos, it can make situations worse when you are already feeling overwhelmed with work in general.


  1. Make a small change

Make a difference to your day (if you can).

Ask to move seats / workstations, if you don’t enjoy who you work next to or mention this to a manager if you would rather not work with someone in particular.

Take your break in a different location and, if you able to, get outside and go for a walk – physically removing yourself from the location will break up the day and will help make your working day feel less of one long slog.


  1. Look at the bigger picture / Have fun outside of work

Try to see past your work – this is not all that is going on in your life.

Try to focus on seeing work as a small step to accomplish during the day and make an effort to get out. Your life needs to be more than just getting up, going to work, coming home, sleeping, repeating.

Find a small hobby, that you can look forward to at the end of your day, or plan a fun meal plan so you know you can have a good cooking session when you get home. Try to join a gym or a club on a Monday night so work isn’t the only thing looming on a Sunday night.


  1. Make a reasonable to-do list

Having a small list to work your way through during the day will break up your day and give you something small to focus on. Lots of tiny steps instead of one big step won’t feel as strenuous.


  1. Ask for different duties

Have a discussion with your line manager and (if you can) discuss that you would like to expand or change your responsibilities. This will stop you feeling stagnant and may take away what you’re not enjoying about the role.


  1. Make some new work friends

This may be difficult, depending on the people you work with, but try to create friendships amongst your work colleagues. Maybe go on a few out of work activities with them or get involved with any social clubs at work. Make work more of a social environment.


  1. Discover a new mentor

This one may be a little tricky, depending on the situation you work in, however our advice would be to find a manager / supervisor who you connect with and talk to them about how you’re feeling. See if you can book in weekly / monthly 1:1’s and discuss with them ways for you to find enjoyment in your role.


  1. Use company perks

Find out what you’re entitled to as an employee, be it memberships / flexible work patterns / volunteering within the local community / discounts.

Once you know what is available take full advantage of the perks, or in other words ‘Treat Yo Self’. It may help take your frustrations away from work, or help you distract yourself, after all these are the ‘perks’ of being at your workplace!


  1. Take some time off

You not enjoying yourself may be as simple as the fact that you need a break.

Book some time off and get yourself away from your work. Do what you enjoy, whether it’s going out on an adventure or staying in and hibernating.


  1. Listen to music

Try and find a way that you can listen to your own music, create a playlist of songs that motivate or put you in a good mood. This will make the day go quicker or divert your mood.

To help your case, it was proven in WWII that listening to music can improve productivity – so mention this to your manager when asking for permission.


  1. Personalize your space

If you surround yourself with things that make you happy at work, your day at work will be more enjoyable. Set up your computer with a new colour theme, add some pictures, bring in something from home or get a plant. Make your workspace more personal, something you can smile at when you see it.


  1. Further your education

Research what you want to do as a job, if you need qualifications or credentials that you don’t have, find a way of getting them. Speak with managers and see if there is something within your company that can help you further your talents or speak with your local college find courses that can be done alongside work.


  1. Create rituals to look forward to

Giving yourself points throughout the day will help it move along quicker, whether it is having your favourite snack on your break or getting up and having a small walk to the kitchen once you’ve achieved your goal.

You need to reward yourself for small achievements and it will help you get through your day; it will also re-energise you for the next tasks you have.


  1. Delegate tasks

Should you feel overwhelmed and believe that your workload is too much as well, speak with a manager and ask to delegate a few tasks. Evaluate tasks that can be shared with others or given to other members of your team.


  1. Determine specific aspects of your job that you can improve

Try to figure out what is causing your unhappiness in your job. If you can, make the decisive action to change it or make it more enjoyable.

If it is a colleague speak with a manager and try to see if something can be arranged, if it’s your workspace ask to be moved to a more productive area for you.

Working out what is bothering you could be half the problem.


  1. Have an exit strategy

Make a plan, if all else has failed and you know that you won’t be happy in the job find a way of getting out.

Start applying to new companies, boost your network, get in touch with agencies and see what is needed to be done to get out.

Making decisive action to get a role will keep you going whilst you still work there.


Unfortunately, even if you utilise all of these points, this still may not fix the issue of you simply not liking where you work. However, giving them a try won’t make it any worse and it could make it fun whilst you work towards your next opportunity.

Our team are always on hand for any support or advice when looking for new roles, get in touch should you need anything.




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